<![CDATA[Ancestral Trails - Blog]]>Sun, 21 Feb 2016 13:58:01 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[New Books: Butlers in Newfoundland 2014 & Margery Butler Parker's 90th Birthday Memory Albums]]>Wed, 06 Aug 2014 18:52:28 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/new-books-butlers-in-newfoundland-2014-margery-butler-parkers-90th-birthday-memory-albumsSee my Home page for links to two new Mixbooks--one on my Newfoundland trip in June where I walked by the sea & cemetery my ancestors had.  I was also able to tour their 150-yo homestead in Conception Bay South. From 9 albums I made for mom's 90th birthday, I created one album containing all of them plus posthumous pages of their deaths.
<![CDATA[Death of Dr. Sterling G. Parker May 20, 2014]]>Sun, 25 May 2014 10:58:49 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/death-of-dr-sterling-g-parker-may-20-2014Dad died on Tuesday May 20, 2014 in Houston at Memorial Medical Center Hospice.  Please see the In Memoriam page on this site for his Eulogy and Obituaries.  We will remember him Memorial Day weekend and all those to come as a loving man who served as soldier & surgeon to thousands.  He served as dad to four daughters who will all miss him as well as his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
<![CDATA[New Mixbook Done--Passages from Russia & Poland: The SIlverman Family]]>Fri, 19 Apr 2013 20:16:09 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/new-mixbook-done-passages-from-russia-poland-the-silverman-familyPicture
I completed this 14x11, 47-page book this month; it contains all the info I have to date on the Silverman family & its origins in Russia & Poland.  I have included Sarah Silverman's original handwritten memoirs.  You can view it here:

<![CDATA[Mixbook "April Fan of the Month"]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2013 13:36:59 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/mixbook-april-fan-of-the-monthPicture
Mixbook launched a new program & selected me as their 1st "Fan of the Month."  I was quite honored.  We did a Q & A interview which they also published on their Blog. Since they print gazillions of books worldwide, it's a compliment for sure!  Ialso was given a free Mixbook which I already created & published as a gift for someone special. A big thank you to Brianna for coming up with this project & being so helpful to me! See:  http://blog.mixbook.com/april-fan-of-the-month/

<![CDATA[Adele Smith Silverman Obituary & U of TX Jewish Society Historical Records 1824-2012]]>Sun, 10 Feb 2013 13:09:49 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/adele-smith-silverman-obituary-u-of-tx-jewish-history-society-1824-2012I have posted Adele's obituary on the Silverman page, including phos of headstones for herself & her husband Jake.  She was a wonderful Texas school teacher that Stacey & I had the honor of meeting & staying the week-end with. She gave us the grand tour of Hearne, TX & it's old gingerbread and Queen Anne houses as well as where the original candy store was.
The U of Texas maintains an extensive collection of Texas Jewish Society Historical Records at:
<![CDATA[Freda Parker Obituary & Parker Genealogy Forum]]>Sun, 10 Feb 2013 12:27:53 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/freda-parker-obituary-parker-genealogy-forumI found the obituary of Freda Parker, wife of George H. Parker (who was my grandfather Grover C. Parker's brother's son) & posted it in the Obituaries section.  I also discovered an on-line Parker genealogy forum with discussions of land grants to Thomas Parker back to 1614 in England. See:  http://genforum.genealogy.com/parker/all.html]]><![CDATA[Mystery of the Old House in Temple, TX Solved]]>Wed, 06 Feb 2013 15:22:39 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/mystery-of-the-old-house-in-temple-tx-solvedPatty Benoit wrote the article on finding the 1945 house in Temple, TX at 1509 N. Main, next to Hillcrest Cemetery.  The Temple Daily Telegram published it  on 2/4/2013.  It was a fun mystery to solve with only the clue of house numbers on a porch step & a few memories. Story here: http://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/myster-house-1945-temple-tx-story.html
<![CDATA[Butler Genealogy Update]]>Sat, 02 Feb 2013 16:37:55 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/butler-genealogy-updateThanks to Colleen on Ancestry.com for her superb corrections to my Butler tree there.  I had several Johns & Jabez Butlers thoroughly mixed up & married to the wrong ladies.  I'm getting the hang of Ancestry.com now & received the Official Guide to Ancestry.com book, so it's full speed ahead.  The Newfoundland Lighthouses book arrived & has some wonderful stories.]]><![CDATA[DNA Testing Resources]]>Fri, 01 Feb 2013 13:08:23 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/dna-testing-resourcesA basic discussion of the 3 main types of DNA testing is:  http://genealogy.about.com/od/dna_genetics/a/dna-tests.htm  The International Society of Genetic Genealogy is free and has a data base from around the world. See: http://www.isogg.org/    National Geographic offers a Geno2.0 kit for $199, Beta version.

Since 80% of Colonial US ancestry was from the British Isles, it may be possible to review the census, 1790--1940 now all on-line at a few libraries, the Census Bureau, and Ancestry.com in ancestral searches.

I think the testing may be valuable in researching family diseases, but am not convinced a firm connection to an 18th cousin can be established except at the 0.0165% level. I can see its use in paternity testing in legal cases as well as those who might claim to be a descendant of a famous person in order to claim a share of their estate or fame.  Since I believe it is well-known that I am descended from Butler-Parker lines in the British Isles, I do not plan on an extra expense as so few are getting DNA tests & family lines vary from company to company. If somewhere along the line, a Parker married a Romanian gypsy & I can't prove it, it doesn't bother me.

Afro-Americans comprised 40% of the first immigrants, intended as slaves in Colonial America.  Their Afro names may have been lost; women & children were not included in a census as far as I know at that time.
<![CDATA[Suzy Herring Obituary]]>Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:30:25 GMThttp://ancestraltrails.weebly.com/blog/suzy-herring-obituaryPicture
We were all grieved to learn of Suzy's sudden death last summer.  I did not know her, but had seen the beautiful family phos with three sons and Malcolm.  She truly left a wonderful legacy for her family and I know she will always be missed. The larger version is on the page Obituaries.